Tuesday, 3 September 2013

What type of school is waterloo road????

Waterloo Road is a secondary school where the pupils are vandals and teachers don't care
From the first 1:38 seconds we can see that the school has its own drug supplier, we found this as one child exchanges what looks to be drugs for cash in form of a fist bump.
The teachers also smoked in-front of students in the playground, and we left off finding the headmaster who looked as tho he had lost all sanity throwing school books of the roof.
Moving into the school the walls in the corridors were bare and had no signs of School work or achievement.

In the playground we can see one student walking around with a hockey stick and greeting many people in the first section of the program. Also there was a window being smashed at he very start, the effect of the song "I predict a riot" Has emphasis on the fact the school is a complete nightmare.
Girl students in the school were dancing in a sexual way in-front of other students.
Maybe with all this on a daily basis is the cause of insanity shown by the head teacher.

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