Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Home work diary 1

On Friday i used a few different forms of media, I started my day reading the newspaper when I woke up in the morning to see the News of the world. On the way to school I used my iPhone to check Facebook before school, just to check up on Local News and Friends. At school I used the Macs in Music to learn about The Blues. When i got home I used my computer to play World Of Warcraft as I had a raid with my Guild.

Saturday I woke up and used my iPhone to check the time, I went and got a drink from my water dispenser on my fridge, I went onto my computer and played my computer from 10am till 12am not afternoon Morning One day to the next. During that time I raided on World Of Warcraft and Killed the boss Sha of Anger with my guild.

The Sha of Anger

Saturday I woke up and watched the complete Box-Set of Chucky Movies, it took me till around 6pm, After watching all these movies I went onto World Of Warcraft and Raided with my guild from 7pm-10:30pm. When i finished I used my phone to check the time and Facebook then set my alarm for Morning.

Chucky and Andy in the Police station.

On Monday I used my iPhone alarm and got ready while watching the television at school I used the macs in media to write the Waterloo road entry, then in music I completed a task on main stage to perform the 12 bar blues. When I got home I watched the television and went to bed.

On Tuesday I used my phone to check the time when my mum woke me up, read the newspaper then went to school. At school I looked at some images in media and them denotations and connotations I didn't use anymore media at school I went home and used Skype to talk to a friend for 2 hours and then played world of Warcraft where I defeated death wing in the dragon soul raid!

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  1. Good Jason, I hope that you sometimes take a break from WoW. Good detail, and good sense of the media that you use. You also went above and beyond to go into monday and tuesday.

    To improve you could add more about why you use the media products...