Friday, 20 September 2013

Denotation and Connotation album cover Homework
1)Number of the Beast
Denotation: I can see a skeleton and a hell spawn/demon I also see Fire and Blood Writing from the picture i can also see that the skeleton has control over the demon.

Connotation: From what i can see Iron Maiden is a violent and hardcore rock band that show interest in the dark arts/satanic ways.

2)Born in the USA
I can see the American flag, a man with jeans and a tucked in white t-shirt with what looks like a bra in his back pocket and the words Born in the USA and The Artist.
From looking at the cover it tells us that America is all about skinny Jeans Shot T-Shirts and Taking Women's Clothing.

Is This It
I can see a Black leather glove touching a persons Leg and the title The Strokes is This IT
This shows and tells me that touching someone's thigh/leg make it the right time/ IT.

4)Queen II

4men Long Hair Queen 2 Black background

I can see that its a old style cover where people had long hair and the title could mean that the album is related to royalty.

5)Unknown Pleasures

Denotation: Hills Grey Black Background and Lines.

Connotation: This Album cover doesnt show me much other then theres hills and that the area around is mysterious being blacked out.

6)Wish You Were Here

Denotation: I see a man on fire shacking another mans hand, its day time and theres white buildings around.

Connotation: From this cover I can see the man on the right has been either attacked and set himself on fire on his way to meet the man on the left.

7)Who's Next

Denotation: Four Man stand around a pillar in a waste land.

Connotation: The men are hanging around in a waste land like its a casual day for them they are also standing with their heads down looking at the ground it also could mean that the group dont know where they are.

8)Nite Visions

Denotation: Pink with streaks/lines going in a diagonal dirrection with the words Soulwax Nite Versions.

Connotation: When enlarged you can't see the writing, This just looks like a pink picture.

9)Parallel Lines

Denotation: 5 men 1 women all wearing either black or white / both for the men. A black and white background red writing.

Connotation: Theres a group of men and 1 women called parallel lines Blondie. They are a casual group that are in the style of old/retro.


Denotation: Black man, Black background

Connotation: From this i can see a maybe worried or stressed out man. The background might suggest what emotion he is feeling or he might be in a dark place.


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