Tuesday, 7 January 2014

5 Lifestyle Magazine Front Covers.

The worlds in this magazine stick out with manly colours, these colours as you can see are Red, Navy Blue, Cyan, Yellow and Green. The Most attention building areas in this magazine are the bold worlds and the image of the man who is in a muscular but intellectual position, showing of his reserved intelligence but also strength. The Navy Blue is used as the colour for the bold font, this colour is mainly a manly one. This can shade of blue is mainly linked the type of clothes men wear and also a colour they would have their cars be. Having LEAN MUSCLE FAST! stands out more then Lean Muscle Fast. The colour generally brings attention from men as the majority of them either have Navy/ Dark Blue/Black cars, and men also wear Jeans a lot in a casual environment. Cyan is a Bright Blue colour that also attracts the reader, the things that I can see are Cyan are Numbers and statistics. The navy blue is also high-lighted in Yellow, this indicates that the sections high-lighted are important or most looked at by the men who read the articles. The Red in this magazine indicates a Strong, dangerous and manly element to the magazine. It can  also give a sexual view for example something in red is "SEX TONIGHT" and even the title with its attractive red look attracts buyers and enable the magazine to draw people in with its vibrant array of colours.

This Edition of GQ Magazine brings no difference in representation of women to any of their other magazines, with their regular use of sexually alluring women on the front cover it doesn't fail to attract their target audience. The colours used on this cover are plain but with its vibrant background fails to show not enough attraction when drawing people into buying the magazine. The casual Black and White colour is retro in the idea of giving GQ magazine a unique look, the odd use of Yellow gives the main points that the editors are trying to get out to the reader a more attractive view, the Yellow also high-lights Jennifer Aniston's name just to appoint who she is to the reader. In this magazine from this cover all you can see that is in the magazine from the perspective i'm in


This is a good start and you have a really great level of analysis at this point. However, this is not finished and needs to be.

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