Monday, 14 October 2013


The music video i chose was Justin Bieber Boyfriend.

After answering the questions i would have presented my answers by reading the key points of the different answers.
After i would give a overall,

In this music video Justin is showed as a huge attraction to women, as a role model to people and a massive icon. At the start of the video there are 2 girls in a car watching a Justin Bieber video. Over the entire video you see, fast expensive cars,good looking women and men sexually attracted to the women. In a comparison to other videos, this one shows a lot more respect towards women, the men are not all over the women but are attracted, the women are in decent clothes not just a bikini and knickers. In this video the women look a little more classy other than ones in the more recent music, as example would be Blurred Lines.

Jason Morrison

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  1. Well done for catching up, please upload the questions. Well done for the analysis, a solid start.